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free phone

*LaLa started this conversation

Okay good news bad news the government is actually sending people n need who meet their requirements cell phones free with limited minutes per moth that u can add on too so y didn't they do free home service it'd be cheaper then a cell phone that sucks u to buy mins.. I personally don't need this but thought perhaps someone else might actually benefit knowing if u search the internet u can get a free cell phone from the government...

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short cake 101
 in response to Free Goverment cell phone pro...   i do recieve food stamps and other services. how would i know if i quailfy for one. But if you recieve child support does that hurt you in way at all
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 in response to George Gibbs...   You can get the free phone if you are disabled, but you must qualify for medicaid to receive it. Obviously the circumstance you are talking about the person disabled receives too much money to qualify for food stamps or medicaid. The upper range is about $1200 per month for disability income and qualify for medicaid.
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George Gibbs
You can get this, but if you are diasbled and get disability you can not because Medicare is not listed. Why is Medicaid listed and all the other programs?
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 in response to Free Goverment cell phone pro...   okae wat do i go to
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 in response to Free Goverment cell phone pro...   looking for gov. help with free cell phone where you get 250 mins every month who do i apply to
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Free Goverment cell phone pro
You could get a free cell phone and free monthly minuets.
To qualify for a free phone:
1. You must currently on one of these programs:
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totally stressed
hey. checked several FREE phone deals myself. HAHAHA. try a free waiting list, or several hours on someone elses phone to find out finally, YOU dont qualify. or, its still going to cost you money you dont have. yes. what a rat race. ive heard of free service[limited] for welfare recipients. thou im not that far in yet. started my journey in may of 2010. still not there. i also need a phone. missing important calls and contacting people is slowing the slow. learning about E-mailing, thou slowly[tbi], cant remember.
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 in response to Mimi 2...   Wow, that is interesting. You are the first person I heard using it or tried to use it. I will have to check with my out of state friends as it is not offered in my state California yet. I would not like to be put on hold for hours and especially when you need it.
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Mimi 2
okay so the government is giving free cell phones n minutes to the needy, but what good r they if u can't get ur monthly minutes. That's what safelink is all about, so if ur into being put on hold for hours, not getting the phone at all or just like to be given the run around then go for safelink. Me I'm tired of tring to get the minutes for my family menbers that r in need. Safelink stinks.
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